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Blowin’ Smoke

Should you ever find yourself in Savannah, GA, have at least one meal at Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina  .  My palate has had the pleasure of dining at Blowin’ Smoke twice.  I was with my family on both occasions.  We were sure to select a variety of menu items in order to sample as much as possible.  Savannah is a long day’s drive from our home, so feasting at Blowin’ Smoke will not be a regular occurrence (our daughter is attending college in  Savannah, so at the least, we will be able to eat at Blowin’ Smoke when we visit). 

The menu had a few changes from our first visit in July to our next a week ago.  We were not disappointed in the changes.  However, one side item we enjoyed on visit #1 was the Fried Macaroni-n-Cheese.  It was switched out for Chipotle Mac-n-Cheese, equally tasty.  The Fried Mac-n-Cheese was perfection the night we had a taste; however, our accolades were not enough to keep it on the menu.  The Chipotle Mac-n-Cheese is a worthy replacement.  The thick, creamy, spicy cheese sauce clings to long, firm, curly noodles.  No runny sauce left on the bottom of the bowl!  The spicy chipotle provides just enough heat to complement the mildness of the cheese.  Other sides we sampled:  coleslaw, roasted corn salad, sweet potato salad, spanish rice, black beans.  If you like bland food, don’t order any of these menu items.  Flavor reigns at Blowin’ Smoke.  Each is sweet and savory with a bit of spice to liven up your taste buds.

Other menu items include appetizers, salads, tacos, burritos, sandwiches and plates (these come with 2 sides).  Quesadillas, listed under appetizers, are big enough for a meal.  My younger daughter had the basic quesadilla filled with grilled onions and peppers, pico de gallo, rice, black beans, sour cream and queso.  Delicious.  You can add one of 5 proteins offered to fill it out even more. 

Over our 2 visits, the rest of us sampled chicken, pork and brisket entrees.  All three meats are smoked in-house using pecan wood.  The hand-pulled pork sandwich is topped with coleslaw and fried onions; the smoked pork enchilada is covered with ancho mole sauce and queso.  The pork is tender, juicy and full of flavor all on its own.  The fully loaded burrito is bursting with black beans, rice, pico de gallo, peppers, queso and smothered with chipotle sauce.  My daughter added the smoked chicken, equally flavorful, tender and juicy as the pork.  Brisket is a difficult meat to smoke (or cook for that matter).  It takes many hours and lots of liquid to get it tender and keep it from drying out.  Blowin’ Smoke has it figured out.  The brisket just about melts in your mouth!  We had the brisket finished with the house BBQ sauce.  It was perfect for the beef.  The texture is similar to that of apple butter with a sweet start and a lingering spicy finish.

Our first experience at Blowin’ Smoke ended with fried ice cream and the dessert special, Chocolate Coffee Flan.  I think the CCF should be on the menu all the time!  Dessert on our second visit was the special, Maragarita Cheesecake.  Rich and creamy, similar to key lime but with a hint of saltiness and tequila.  All of these desserts were topped with lightly whipped fresh cream.  Delicioso!

At Blowin’ Smoke, they ain’t just blowin’ smoke!