Leftover Turkey: What did you do with it?

Smoking a small turkey breast, I didn’t have a lot of turkey leftover. We ate a few sandwiches, then it was time to do something else with it. I turned mine into a casserole with the leftover gravy, peas and corn and added cheese, some herbs and rotini and bit more gravy. I wish you could have smelled it. I had some asiago cheese leftover from shrimp fajitas and put that in. The sharpness of the asiago combined with the smoked flavor from the turkey gave the kitchen a nice aroma. Tasted good too.

So, tell me what you did with your leftovers? Use the comment section below to share.

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Love to use my grill and cook over a fire!

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  1. Christmas soup and Christmas pie full of whatever meat and veggies are left over! 🙂 I love these almost as much as the main Christmas dinner itself!

  2. I watched a bit of Rachael Ray yesterday. It was a Fridge Raiders episode. A viewer whose family hates leftovers was the lucky recipient of the raid. How can anyone not love leftovers from Thanksgiving?!?!

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